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Time:9:30 - 19:30

Price: 110 €

Price includes: Tickets to Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa and Cathedral of Évora. Lunch.


Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa

The Ducal Palace is a monumental building whose construction began in 1501, by decision of the fourth Duke of Bragança, D. Jaime. The campaigns of enlargement and improvement took place throughout the XVI and XVII centuries, giving the building the dimension and the current Ducal Palace features - the 110 meter-long façade is unique in Portuguese civil architecture and reveals classic inspiration. In the XIX century the sporadic visits of the Royal Family became frequent, and the Palace was arranged successively in the reigns of D. Luis and D. Carlos to comfortably receive the family and large entourage during their annual venatory tours. Over the last few years, there has been an intense program of preventive and active conservation of Palace and a great reinforcement of the collections through the acquisition of pieces of unquestionable artistic value and the restoration of others that were in the reserves.



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Cathedral of Évora

The Cathedral of Évora, whose construction began in 1186 was completed only in 1250. It is a fascinating and imposing monument. All in granite, it is marked by the transition from the Romanesque style to the Gothic style. It was improved during the XV and XVI centuries, being of that time the choir-top, the pulpit, the baptistery and the arch of the Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy or chapel of the Esporão (1529). The Cathedral has undergone great transformations throughout the years, some for reasons of taste, others for conservation reasons. In the period 1936-1950, the Cathedral was submitted to a restoration of great amplitude through which several parts of the XVIII century were eliminated in favour of restoration work. The works carried out after this date, although some of importance for the monument, have little changed their general characteristics and basically assumed the character of maintenance. The Cathedral has been restored since the beginning of 2003.


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Free time to visit the historical centre of Évora.


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